Tonal Sketches


Tonal sketches are another inexpensive alternative to a traditional portrait. These sketches are done in a style similar to the one used on my coasters. I try to keep them simple but pleasing to the eye without losing the pet’s character and personality.

I generally try to use 3-5 colours on my tonal sketches, but I may use more on eyes and noses to keep the detail and life in them. The colour of the paper is also carefully selected so that it works as part of the pet’s fur.



Another take on this sketch idea is to add a bit more personality to them by adding quotes from the owner that describe their pet, as in this example of Maggie the Basset Hound. If your interested in ordering something like this, then I ask that you provide any nicknames you might call them (no matter how silly they are), at least three descriptions of them, and for the pet’s likes and dislikes if you would like those added too.

Prices for sketches can be found here.